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Yes, I am angry. I can not seem to work that anger out of me, no matter how hard I work at it. I am angry to have to watch people I love, waste away to nothing, be in excruciating pain, and finally die a horrible death, that no one should have to bear witness to, or endure.

I am angry that some diety/entity/whatever the hell you want to call it, seems to enjoy watching people suffer. I am angry that due to profits for research facilities, the FDA is bribed into keeping alternative methods of curing cancer out of our country.

There is a reason there is no cure for cancer.. it is the billions of dollars that are made researching for the cure...

As for me helping others... I love her with all my heart. I will make sure she is taken care of, and will help with anything and everything I can. She will know I am the rock she can lean on, if it kills me.

Thanks for letting me vent...
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