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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I don't know that there is a "typical" arrangement - it seems to depend on the poly tangle. (We don't have kids.) Some seem to more strictly define the role of parents vs. other adults but swap babysitting and "special activity" duties.
lol for some reason, this reminds me of some parents I've met who have referred to caring for their own children as "baby-sitting" because they are not the stay-at-home parent. Ugh (at these parents, not the situation describe by JaneQ).

In general, there is no typical arrangement. I've seen it all. All partners co-parent all kids... bio parents parent their own children but not the children of their metamours... you name it.

My girlfriend's husband is transexual, so when they wanted kids, they made an arrangement with a gay man who also wanted kids. He would provide sperm for all the babies, and she would build them. They've had two together so far. She also has a daughter from a previous relationship. My girlfriend and her husband are primary caregivers for the two oldest children, the biodad is the primary caregiver for the youngest child, but they're all "parents" to all three kids, with all rights and responsibilities implied therein. On Friday nights, all the kids are at my girlfriend's, on Saturday nights, all kids go to the other parent. So the kids are all together every weekend, and all the parents get one free night every week. Every family should be so lucky!
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