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Sorry I was really up set the other day. You are right I was not honest to myself I wanted to believe and told my self everything was fine when it wasn't when it really wasn't. Now my husband has a new job and now we have a new baby girl and I sent the rest of Ds things back to him and agreed to what my husband has asked of me which was to drop poly.

I am polyamorus and my husband is supposed as he says is mono I told him I feel like he will still be... Not totally faithful to me when he is asking me to be to him and leave the poly feelings behind. He says he won't that he will control himself better and try harder.

I want to be with him I love my husband and now we have a family. I have made my decession and packed up Ds things and I have sent them back to him and I will let him go I just need time to heal to let him go because I need to work on my own marriage and l know my husband needs his best friend who is like a brothe more thenany other friend.

I believe he can change I believe that he listened that he can meet my needs I know I mean the world to him. Through thick and thin we promised and I plan to keep that promise. It's hard to let go and I am sad and extremely lonely and he knows that and try's to help try's to be there .

I messed up falling for D and I owned that and I will not cheat on my husband I want to see us happy with our son and daughter and I belie e we can be and truley that's what I want and want more the poly life.
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