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Default Oneness

Do you believe two people can be "Like One"?

If you do then can than newly formed "One" find one individual and have an equal monogamous relationship?

Some may say this is a model for a primary and a secondary. However I see it as the opposite. An equal relationship between two parties. The party of the first part being a couple. And the party of the second part being an individual. Primary and secondary positions seem to degrade the secondary and have them seen as powerless and at the whim of the primaries.

Eventually this would grow into a triad type relationship if all parties are lucky. And the 3 become, "Like One"

And those 3 who are now one meet another individual and start a relationship...

Is there a point when the oneness is impossible? How many people can truly be stable in a relationship like this. What are the weak links in human emotional development that make this limit exist. How far can successful polyamory be taken?

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