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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Sounds normal to me-not that most adults operate that way. But its a huge consideration with premature babies (look up importance of skin to skin contact and preemies). For them it can be life threatsning not to have skin on skin touch. Studies in babies that were in orphanages show similar issues.

I agree, read the love languages book.
But just as importantly, build into your life the types of connections that promote frequent touch!
Children are an amazing source for this *you slecified it need not be sexual* as they crave hugs and cuddles all day. In fact, you may consider as a sside gig, volunteering in some activity with kids in the 0-4 age group as they particularly are affectionate. They NEED the affection and they give it too.
I am dealing with this with my youngest two children. Especially the youngest. HE is CONSTANTLY touching me. Drives me batty. But i try to respect his need to be touched and to touch - he needs it especially right now.
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