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Thanks for the replys, it was late when I wrote this last night so I will clarify with the ol' "Boy #1" and "Boy #2".

December of 2011, I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. It was a hard breakup because he was cheating on me and I was very naive. Around the same time, my ex's friend had just had a really bad break up as well. I went over to boy #1's house the day after I broke up because he was having a rough time with his break up. We ended up talking things out and calming each other down from being very emotional.
January this year, I had just started to set my eyes on another guy (boy #2) that I was working a convention with but boy #1 and I decided to go into a "fallback" relationship. We were there like a real relationship and supporting each other but we made a promise that if we saw that either one of us were doing better that our jobs were done.
June looked better for the both of us (boy #1 and I). Our promise was fulfilled and it was time to look for bigger fish in the sea. I still had my eyes on boy #2. Boy #1 was reconnecting with an old roommate.
July; Now being single for a while and boy #1 was together with an old roommate. It got me to think.

I'm still single and hoping for boy #2. (We work multiple conventions a year.) Boy #1 together with his girlfriend.

The only problem is that... i'm still in love with boy #1. I also like boy#2 and dont want to just give up on him.

Boy #1 in an open relationship because we do see each other occasionally but I dont know that his girlfriend knows. I dont want to mess up his relationship.

Hopefully that clears a lot up, as I reread this and facepalmed.
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