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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Hi and welcome,

I didn't think think your post sounded like a suicide note .

With this condition I think poly is going to be a very good fit for you.

What do you do you do for a living ? I recommend massage therapist or politics ( shaking hands, slapping backs, kissing babies ).
I work as a counselor, teaching life skills to teens as part of an NPO.

Originally Posted by Anek View Post
Do the positive effects happen when you are touched, or when you touch someone?
Would just shake hands with people be enough?
The positive effects are more pronounced when I'm being touched but they also happen almost as strong when I'm touching someone.

If I've gone a very long time without touching someone, then yes I can get a reaction out of something as simple as shaking hands or a hug but that usually requires going three or more weeks.

I've never heard of this as a "condition", but on much smaller terms than what you describe it makes sense, the desire for physical contact and connection.
I can imagine the desire for physical contact being natural, but to the point of almost a drug-like addiction where you're caused physical pain if you dont get it?
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