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Originally Posted by lovemultiplied View Post
how do you navigate potential relationships with people who DON'T want to date you as long as you're in another relationship? Is this just immediately a "hard stop" in your interest in them or do you try to educate them/get them to come around.

I take them at their word and stop pursuing them romantically. My SO does as well, but he tries to educate.

Originally Posted by lovemultiplied View Post
My partner struggles with this currently. He's interested in a girl who doesn't want to date him as long as he's in a relationship. This pains him as he is really interested in her but doesn't really know how to go about the situation.

Accepting it is a start. Conflicted emotions are fine but he can handle a "no thanks".

Originally Posted by lovemultiplied View Post
If you don't mind me asking, currently, how many relationships are you navagating? Are any of them monogamous solely with you? Have you ever successfully dated a monogamous person?

One for now. We're open (he's actively looking, I'm not) for potential. As for successfully dating mono, yes. I did in my last relationship for about a year before it went haywire, and in my current for the past four years.
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