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Thanks, everyone. The replies helped a lot, and actually put me back in line a little.

The questions around what specific issues I wanted to talk about were interesting. Because, as I thought about it, I realized that there are no major open issues. Time is a sore subject because there just isn't a whole lot of time for us to get together every week. But we've talked it through and we are where we are. We're both trying (successfully for the most part) to make more time and work this out, but there's really no need to endlessly talk about it.

I realized that my currently unmet need is some kind of constant reassurance, which is a wrong and unreasonable expectation. I think I would probably have that need in any type of relationship, but I need to manage that myself. It's just my self-confidence issues manifesting themselves.

It's weird. One of the things that I've learned since I started this journey is how valuable it's been to have such open communication with my BF - and actually how it's led to a more open communication with myself. Constant self-evaluation has actually done me a whole lot of good.

I appreciate everyone's input. Having an unbiased opinion "what's the problem?" has helped me reach the answer I needed.

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