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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
But are you trying to say that a "unicorn" can mean anything anyone wants it to mean? In that case, "polyamory" can mean going out and getting laid in dark alleys with a different stranger every night of the week. After all, nobody OWNS the term "polyamory".
Not "anything". The use of the term "unicorn" is because those couples tend to be looking for something rare, perhaps even non-existent: a bisexual person who can be in an equal relationship with both halves of a couple. There's no reason on earth why it has to be JUST a female. Just because that is the most common search does not make it the only one. Why gender-define it? That's awfully close to the argument used by those who want to claim "marriage" has to be between a man and a woman. Why does the gender of person matter to explain the relationship? And yes, I'm sure there are people who define "polyamory" as EXACTLY that. They aren't people I'd want to be involved with, but I'm sure they're out there.

And yes, I was being dismissive and negative when I made the comment about the vagina. The OP said he is MALE and does not have a vagina, so that remark was relevant to the flow of discussion.
It's okay to be misogynistic because it's relevant to the discussion?? To clarify, I didn't feel like you were being negative and dismissive towards just the OP. I felt you were being negative and dismissive towards women.
Everything I have said has been in response to something the OP brought up. Then he says I'm being "off topic". That is bullshit.
Doesn't justify being a jerk about it. Perhaps the OP wasn't clear about what he was asking to begin with, but it was pretty clear with the next post that a discussion of the label was NOT what he was going for (apologies to haruki for my own participation in staying on this tangent).

If we have to be gender-specific, I rather like the idea of Pegasus, but in my mind Unicorn is more appropriate for those with a penis, and Pegasus would be left for those with a vagina.
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