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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
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C'mon, BG, be fair and don't try to backpedal. You didn't originally say anything about "typical". You used absolute statements that were in no way designed to be anything other than a "wake-up" slap in the face. Nor was there ANY invitation to search around the forums. Language, especially around here, is fluid, and it can take TONS of discussion to reach agreed-upon meanings, so lighten up and don't react so strongly to the OP's response, if you don't care what they call themselves.

ETA: Also, perhaps this is my sexism coloring how I "hear" your post (although I think it's as much knowledge of you usual posting style), but, "Maybe you should go get a vagina if it's that important to you." reads as VERY negative and dismissive to me. Hopefully not what you intended.
I was on the ipod on the train, and i did try to make another edit to that post that invited the OP to do a search. The internet signal must have been lost, & apparently the edit did not go through, and it does indeed look like I was "backpedaling".

That said, the term "unicorn" is NOT "fluid". There HAS been "tons of discussion" about this term. It DOES specifically refer to a BISEXUAL FEMALE (which can be a mtf trans, i suppose) that a male-female couple is looking for to form a closed, polyfidelitous triad. If you don't LIKE that definition, I can't force you to accept it, but that is what it means in this context. The OP must have heard the term somewhere and decided to give it his own meaning. Obviously I don't have the authority to dictate this. But are you trying to say that a "unicorn" can mean anything anyone wants it to mean? In that case, "polyamory" can mean going out and getting laid in dark alleys with a different stranger every night of the week. After all, nobody OWNS the term "polyamory".

And yes, I was being dismissive and negative when I made the comment about the vagina. The OP said he is MALE and does not have a vagina, so that remark was relevant to the flow of discussion. Everything I have said has been in response to something the OP brought up. Then he says I'm being "off topic". That is bullshit.
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