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Oh well, just because we want someone doesn't mean we get to have them. So, he's attracted to her and interested, but she isn't into being with a guy who has a partner -- so what is there to fuss about? She's a "no go." Plain and simple.

If he was mono and single, asked a woman out, and she turned him down because she wasn't interested in dating him, would he try all kinds of ways to convince her she should? There has to be respect for her position, and if he isn't about to ditch you for her, well, he would do well to keep looking. The crush or attraction he feels for her will likely fade in time. Why expend unnecessary energy on someone who is a "no" when he'd be better off looking for a "yes?" Plenty of fish, as they say.

Now, it would be different if she was wishy-washy when she turned him down and said things like, "We-e-eeeellll... I dunno. I've never been in this position before. Maybe if I understood it..." That would be an opening.

But a straightforward "Nope, not interested" doesn't leave any room for much else, does it? So, I'd walk away. Whenever there's been a situation in which I forced my preferences on somebody, it only went kablooey in my face.

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As for number of relationships, I am in two with a few other potentials in the making. I'm very slow when it comes to developing additional relationships. None are mono to me.
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