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Originally Posted by haruki View Post
I would like to direct that EXACT question to you... why is it you're so fixated on my use of the title?

Since you know so much about this type of topic, though, I would really appreciate an answer to any of the above questions/problems I have identified with this issue. If you have anything to actually share rather than arguing semantics, I would love to hear it. *attempts to get this topic on to topic*
I am not fixated on it. YOU started the thread and I was addressing the topic YOU specified. I AM "on topic". the topic of "I think I am a unicorn" DOES involve semantics, and this is a common topic on this forum, so I invited you to search around and do some more reading. If you don't like the answers you're getting, perhaps you should ask different questions.

I don't give a shit if you want to call yourself a unicorn. I was telling you that it typically is applied to bisexual women in this context. I didn't invent the term, and I don't own it. I was trying to clarify it for you. Maybe you should go get a vagina if it's that important to you. Lord knows it's easier to surgically create a vagina out of a penis than the other way around. Sheesh.

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