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Originally Posted by lovemultiplied View Post
I personally feel that if someone I'm interested can't handle the fact that I'm in a relationship, then they aren't right for me at all anyway.
THIS. I agree 100%, as does TGIB (as would MC if he weren't mono).

If she's willing to open her mind to other possibilities, awesome, he can keep trying to explain it in a way that will click with her. But if it's a hard limit for her? There's nothing he can do to get what he wants, just move on and keeping meeting new people. Keep her as a friend, if possible.

If you don't mind me asking, currently, how many relationships are you navigating? Are any of them monogamous solely with you? Have you ever successfully dated a monogamous person?
2, yes, and yes. I've been with MC for 15 years, so I'd call that successful. Both MC and TGIB are currently only each with me- the comment was made the other day that I'm just that much work, neither of them have time for any additional relationships.
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