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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
You're not a unicorn. Unicorns are female.
After much searching I must ask:
Since you seem to know,
What is the term I should be using?
Tell me and I will change the whole post in a heartbeat. However, I haven't been able to find a term that directly refers to a male in that position and yet it describes everything that I'm searching for in a relationship structure aside from my lack of vagina.

I am not fixated on the title. Like I said, I would change it in a hearbeat. Except that it describes everything I'm looking for in a relationship aside from, once again, my lack of vagina. However, I would like to direct that EXACT question to you... why is it you're so fixated on my use of the title?

Since you know so much about this type of topic, though, I would really appreciate an answer to any of the above questions/problems I have identified with this issue. If you have anything to actually share rather than arguing semantics, I would love to hear it. *attempts to get this topic on to topic*

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