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Default Wedded Bliss

We were married on Friday. It was an amazing day. Most everything went off without a hitch and our guests had a great time.

I do think that we scandalized our families a bit. Twitch was dancing with a friend of ours (not Shasti) and afterwards his brother-in-law came up to him and said that we may have had the longest wait for a wedding, but that we were going to have the fastest divorce. Oops! Maybe the groom was a bit too familiar with the lady. Or vice versa. And here I thought we were all on our best behavior.

Shasti and Orville were guests at our wedding. I was actually very happy to have them there. I'm feeling so much better about having an open relationship.

Earlier in the week if I'd have had the time, I wanted to send Shasti a card telling her how grateful that she was the one that Twitch was involved with. I debated about sending her an email, but the thing with email is that one feels compelled to reply and this isn't a message that warrants a response. I simply ran of time because there was one thing after another that needed to be done before the wedding. I'll be in D.C. from the 18th through the 25th, returning on the 26th. From the 23rd-25th Twitch will be busy with a committee he serves on during the day. I think I'll take note cards with me and write her a note then.

Last night as I helped Twitch pack his suitcase for the next two weeks (Dallas, TX this week, D.C. the next), I was thinking of badly he needs new luggage. My mind wandered a bit to his birthday and Christmas and I had a thought that maybe Shasti would like to go in with me on new luggage for him.

This may or may not seem odd to you - joint gift buying, but it struck me that I've come a long ways from the hurting person I was a month ago. It's hard to say exactly why all of the puzzle pieces shifted into place again, but I'm very grateful that they have.

On a fun note: Orville contacted me today and we're doing lunch on Thursday before I fly to D.C. I better pack a lunch that day, because I usually leave there hungrier than when I got there.
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