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Make appointment for Serious Talk. Set timer. Talk about whatever issue/problem it is. Stop talking at the beep. Make follow-up appointment. Then take brains off hook and got eat pizza/watch movie?

Some problems are too big to solve in one go. So just take it in chunks and live normal life in between appointments.

When I was having HUGE eldercare probs and needed DH's feedback on what to do for the patient parent we just made a standing date for Friday night at 10 PM to cover some til timer went off. Then the rest of the week -- normal life.

It kept things moving forward, but also kept the sanity.

We also put a limit -- if things do not feel better by X? We need to get more aid!

Because if we stopped making headway and needed to get a pro in there for extra support for us during a hard time, we were totally open to doing that. It wasn't just getting the patient to THEIR pro people. We have the right to get aid for SELVES too.

I don't know how severe your relationship issues are -- but that's how we tackled ours.

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