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Originally Posted by Sinensis View Post
Hahahahahaha! I giggled a few times when reading that, Phy, especially the bit about you being the alpha. ^.^ Well, and dealing with your spleen, since spleen for me is just an internal organ, like a liver or a kidney--I know it means anger or bad moods or something like that for other cultures, though.
No, it's more like strange whims, sometimes moodswings and peculiar ideas and such. You will never be bored with me by your side Great that it is an amusive read.

Originally Posted by Sinensis View Post
Either way, it's not a huge emotional breakdown or anything, just a niggling little hotspot in my chest.
Good that you are able to pinpoint so precisely what is bugging you and maybe even why you feel that way. Stay open and talk about possible solutions, sounds like you are attentive enough to notice what is causing you some unrest but at the same time relaxed enough to not flip when encountering some problems
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