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Thank you Sin

We all spent the the night before last and all of yesterday together. She went with DH to buy a baby monitor and blender for our house, brought her pack n play over so her son could have somewhere to sleep. We determined that we wouldn't want to be moving him once he was asleep so she decided to spend the night. I tried talking her out of sleeping on the couch but the only other alternative was to sleep in our bedroom with us, and with my dad still being here.... that could get pretty awkward. She ended up not getting any sleep. So as soon as we finished breakfast I sent her to bed for a long nap. We won't be doing sleep overs again until my dad leaves 1 week from today. Then we spent the rest of the day just being a normal family. We carved pumpkins, did some organizing and cleaning, hung out, ate meals, etc. It really feels nice doing typical family things with her included. Also I had fun being an awesome "Wingman" by arranging times for them to "sneak" off with each other and have some quality sexy time. Another benefit to this new life is having 1 adult around to keep the kids occupied. lol
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