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End of 25 year olds saga. Ateast in regards to our life.

She replied today to my message. Sent it to him to forward. It offended him beyond wanting anything to do with her.

I read the first 4 lines and was offended enough to know I better stop before I flooded emotionally. I deleted and emptied my trash folder.

The basics (that I read) was that I was defending the way I treated Maca (in the letter I sent her which is copied on a previous page) and there was no excuse for how I treated him.
Even he admitted that in all honesty, I didn't do anything to him. I reacted to his lying and boundary breaking. I admit, I did have such a severe emotional breakdown after repeated boundary breaking over a two month period, that I nearly ended up hospitalized in February. But, there's no question that I wasn't randomly freaking out. He admitted even the. That he was doing it-apologized and then it happened again-etc.

So, anyway, the options for 'recovery' with that person are out. Done deal.

Niw-to rebuilding trust.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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