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That one is "the theory of jealousy management: so how do you deal with jealousy"

That one is "The practice of jealousy managment:fixing the refrigerator "(GOOD ONE!)

"How to become a secure person" (this one I found very useful and thought it was well put)

That is "communication it's harder than you think"
(I included it-because especially when trying to fix something that is already been damaged this is SO critical!
Also-check out the thread started by RIVER about Communication... I tihnk I have it in my private messages sent folder...
This one is called "jealousy and the abyss" (I haven't read it yet so if it sucks-sorry!)

Just to clarify-I chose these because they address how to handle our physical reactions to our emotions-not because there is ANYTHING wrong with HAVING said emotions!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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