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Our son is 3 1/2. Old enough for separation to be a negative factor in his life. Young enough to not fully grasp it so it's less damaged than when he's old enough to understand.
Right, if you're going to leave, better to do it sooner. Also, it's healthier for your son if you split up amicably, than if you stay together and have a lot of conflict. The quality of the relationship that matters more than its official status.

I should mention that early on in our relationship (<6months in), things were rocky, and I cheated on her with a number of friends of mine. Maybe part of my "validation" for her actions stems from my capacity to do something similar?
I still think your options are counseling or leave. This makes counseling seem like a more viable option - you obviously changed, because you didn't cheat on her during this recent period even though you thought about it. And maybe she did it because she was unconsciously getting back at you or whatever. Either way, it's possibly something you could sort through. But you NEED to sort through it if you're going to stay together.
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