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Default I blogged about this thread

Many thanks to everyone who's contributed to this excellent discussion so far. I appreciate the diversity of view on, and approaches to, outness in poly relationships.

I just published on a followup to my original post on the outness theme:

Why it can be hard to discuss how out you are (or want to be) early in poly/open relationships

This was sparked by Cindie's excellent and obvious question, which boils down to (paraphrasing): "Why wouldn't poly people just talk about this all clearly up front?"

I responded to that in this thread, but then decided to copy my remarks to my blog -- and also to link to this discussion thread, so others can see a range of views on this topic. (Note: I did not quote from anyone else's posts to this thread.)

Thanks for the great, and enlightening, discussion! I look forward to more.
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