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Originally Posted by AggieSez View Post
Thanks for the many thoughtful responses to this thread.

If you're solo (or maybe just consider yourself "single") and are or have been involved in poly/open relationships as a solo/single person:
- How out are you about being poly/open? In what contexts?
- Why are you out (or not)?
- What issues have you encountered regarding how out your significant relationship partners are/have been -- especially if you've been involved with people who do have a primary partner?


- Aggie
Disclaimer: I am new to all of this, but am willing to share my experience so far.

- I am out to some of my close friends and a couple of colleagues who are close friends. I've also told my sisters, but not my parents or any ther family members. That's unlikely to change.
- No issues so far with my boyfriend (who has a primary partner). I imagine as time goes on, it will become more difficult to not be part of all of his life, but I guess we'll figure that out as we go.

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