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Originally Posted by lovely View Post
My most irrational moments are rooted in fears that only exist in my head. Fear of being replaced, fear of losing something sacred about my marriage etc. My husband has done nothing to reinforce or create these fears, they only exist inside of me.
Please forgive me but I feel I MUST correct you. I watch Maca struggle with this too-but it's not JUST in your head.
It IS in your head. But not ONLY in your head.
It's also in the way we are taught to see things, in the way society TELLS US we should think and feel.
So it's not just a problem of YOURS.

One of the biggest struggles we face in life is recognizing our own strengths WITHIN our failures. It's easy to see our accomplishment when we win the race in 1st place. Its much harder to SEE our accomplishment when we come in 136th place. BUT if we met or beat our own goal/time, then it is an accomplishment, even if the only accomplishment was that we didn't quit!

I could give lots of examples-but I won't unless you tell me too!
I will go see if I can find some helpful articles to share with you though!
No promises-I am having some medical issues as laptop died-so in order to be online I have to use a desktop-which is something I am very limited in ability to do right now. But I'll see what I can do!

You touch me with your perseverence and honesty and integrity about your feelings and your situation!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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