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Originally Posted by Minx View Post
Imaginaryillusion- I must say I totally agree with you and patience is a virtue. I'm sure time will tell naturally. So here's the question, do you just continue what your doing and having fun and not paying attention to the labels envolved or at some point does it have to become more?
I'm not sure if I can really answer your question. I may be limited in that I've come to poly with a primary partner from my formerly mono marriage. So I haven't personally had the experience of trying to find a primary or, non-hierarchical life partner from the poly dating pool, or collection of secondary or not-so-intertwined partners. For me, the process of "finding" other partners is ... tricky...period. But then it was a fluke of luck that I found my wife too. <shrug>

What I have found though, is that our control of "making" things happen is limited. We can control how often we may put ourselves in the position to meet new people for example...but I at least have no control to whether those meetings will result in a new lover. That part I try to leave to the universe, because otherwise yelling at the rain is just an exercise in frustration.

When I'm relaxed, I'm more myself, and the people who are the sort to like the real me then have the chance to let me know. And if more is going to happen, it can happen from there.
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