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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post

BoringGuy - I get your flabbergastedness on the TV remote issue (our TV has been broken for weeks and I couldn't possibly care less) but try thinking of it along the lines of "those little irritating things that bother you when added up over a period of time - day after day after day after day." Like, leaving your socks in the middle of the floor (Dude), or not shutting the doors on the kitchen cupboards (Me), or never remembering to take the trash out even though it is your job (MrS)- when it is YOUR relationship, you either, train the other person to do the thing (yeah, right, like that is going to happen ) OR you just decide that you are not going to let it bother you any more. But now it is not your love that is doing this but your love's don't have nearly the incentive to train yourself to let it go...
Sure, yeah. My Spouse just exploded some brownish stuff all over the inside of the microwave oven at some undetermined point over the past week and tried to wipe it up, in the process spreading a thin, even layer all over the inside of the chamber which has since dried to a coating which I will have to clean myself if I want it to be clean again. I am going to have to have a talk with Spouse about this (again). In the mean time, there is a strip of hot-pink duct tape across the door of the microwave to remind us both that we have an issue. But you don't see me coming on here adding that to a list of complaints in a thread containing the words "time management" and "nightmare", do you?

OP asked for a "slap to the face" which to me translates as "reality check". That is why I gave them. *I* am not posting in this thread looking for a reality check, but thanks for that anyway, i guess... (No, not really.)

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