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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Actually, I just thought of a rule that my domestic partner has with their other SO. That rule is - the topic of myself and Spouse breaking up is not up for discussion. ... OSO is "not allowed" to badger or suggest to Spouse that Spouse and I ought to break up.

However, this is not something I required or asked Spouse to do. It is something Spouse did of their own accord because that's how it is.
I would put that under my "personal boundary" category. Dude would occasionally make teasing comments about having me to himself. I asked him not to do that because it made me uncomfortable - and he stopped. (MrS never expressed any discomfort at this teasing - he knows I am not going anywhere.)

The boys have both expressed that they have no privacy requests/expectations when I am talking to the other. That being said, I, personally, don't tend to share intimate details of conversations/disagreements/sex unless asked (said asking has only ever happened in the context of helping me process something that was bothering me, or helping iron out wrinkles in our dynamic - never out of prurient curiosity) - on the other hand, I don't care if they share such details with each other (I talk to my best friend about details of my life, why shouldn't they?)

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