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Originally Posted by PhilosophicallyLost View Post

Anyway....I guess I just want perspective, a slap to the face, and suggestions for how to work on all of this, or if I'm crazy for thinking there is still a way to work all of this out.

ok, you wanted a slap to the face? I have that for you.

I couldn't concentrate hard enough to read the whole thing, but i noticed that in the last part, people are arguing over the TV????

First-world problems.

I am consistently flabbergasted by some of the things I see people stressing out over on these forums, when they really should be thanking their gods that they are lucky enough to be ABLE to be stressing out over these things (many times artificially self-created situations). But, we are not supposed to bust people's chops that way because this is a place where people come for SUPPORT, when they are in PAIN, etc. etc. etc.

But you asked for it, and you received.

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