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Originally Posted by JustUs View Post
Hello and welcome to the forums!
Your openness and willingness to explore poly is very refreshing, especially if it is not something you had considered in the past.
I do have a question if I may ask. You did not mention his wife and if you have met her and all are comfortable with the relationships. The only reason I ask, is my wife and I always try to ensure the her boyfriend (she is non-partnered at the moment) that we get along well also and are comfortable in each other presence when all three of us are together.
But, sounds like it is working well and no issues. Good luck for continued success and hope to hear updates as it goes along.
Thanks for the welcome note. I have met his wife once; we deliberately kept it brief and it was just introductions and a quick hello at an event we were all at (them with their friends, me with mine). It went really well and was very informal and relaxed. We plan to meet up again in a more intentional way sometime soon to get to know each other better.
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