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QUOTE]Stop carrying on these conversations over text. Breaking up via text - how insensitive and RUDE! What is this high school?

we have tried ringing, we have been texting as it is the only way as j's partner said they don't want anything to do with us anymore so texting is the only way we can talk at least till we can try and get together as a group.

Everyone needs to figure out how to actually communicate (not over text). Even if your not involved with this couple, there needs to be CLEAR communication. Did you tell them "Hey guys, I'm feeling left out being stuck home to mind the kids while you go off and play" or do they even know why you freaked out? Ask g to set up a meeting for everyone to clear things up. No more telephone, he said, she said, etc.

Seriously, the alphabet soup is making my head spin. Your post could use a little more clarity as well.[/QUOTE]

I did tell them both why I was upset but they are not talking about it, they say I get upset to easy but so does j's partner. I am trying to sort out a meeting between us if not just j if b won't come.

I was thinking the same thing. I feel bad for you and you're obviously going through a lot of pain, but if you want help from strangers on the internet, please help us to help you, and try to be more articulate.
I am sorry, I was hurting a lot last night and sorry I wasn't clear.

I have spoke to j, only one text and she says we spend more time being upset than happy which isn't true but it is not easy trying to get time with her and now we may never see her again. x
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