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My BF and I still talk on the phone at least 4 hours a day, but now our conversations are about our future together. We are having so much fun planning things out together. Things like; she wants more children and so does my husband but after my last birth I wasn't really open for more kids, so the fact that they can have babies together is just so perfect. I can't wait to be a second mother to her and my husband's babies. Just the thought of watching her go through pregnancy and birth with his (and her) baby in her makes my heart explode from the happiness.

I feel like we are invincible right now, with her along we are going to have so much more success in our personal lives as well as our home business. She is a motivated go getter who is amazing at sales. So her and my husband will be able to go on the road together for little getaways so they can have special time. Things like that are just one example of the solutions that we have for a long time wondered about how to figure out, like who would be with our kids for those trips, and now we can switch off and there will always be 1 mama at home.

Tonight DH has taken BF out for a date, its their first official date and I'm so excited for them. She just called me from a lingerie store to ask my bra size because she wanted to get me a gift. How awesome is she! I hope that they have time after their movie to make love because I am so excited to watch their love grow. Sitting on the couch next to them while she snuggles close to him and they give each other that love look just feels amazing to me. Like a dream come true really.

I know we will have some hurdles, mainly coming out to family. Our families have known about our wonderful friendship for years but telling them that we've taken it too the next level will be a little bit of a scary thing to do. But I feel so positive about it, who can deny our love as a triad. When our families and friends will be around they will have no choice but to accept our love or stay out of our lives.

I can't wait for what comes next.

Thank you to anyone who made it this far into a sappy post. You rock
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