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Default My Poly Dream has be realized. Best Friend and Hubby now dating.

I'd like to start off my first post with a little bit of an introduction and some information about myself.

I am a 32 yr old mother of 2 and I've been married to my husband for 8 years. We lead a very traditional life, church on Sundays, prayers at meal time etc. We run our own business out of our home, which is what I do for work, while my DH still works out of the home full time until our business can fully support our family. When I was 19 single and pregnant, I started researching communal living as a viable alternative to living alone, but realized that most communal places wouldn't want me along with a child, because I really wouldn't have much to bring to the community and would be a burden so I gave up on that dream. I met my husband when my son was 2 and we began a very traditional marriage. Every now and then I'd talk about communes and my dreams of living in a communal shared environment and he'd pretty much shoot me right down. A few years later we stared watching the show Big Love and that began our discussion of what it would be like to have a second wife, and while he seemed open to the idea on principal we didn't really ever move beyond the discussion stage. Over the years I'd express how much easier my life would be with another woman around and my husband knew that if the opportunity presented itself that I'd be willing to consider it very seriously.

I met my best friend in 9th grade and I've known her and been very close to her for 18 years. There were a few times like when she went off to college that we didn't talk much, but for the last 8 years or so we've been so close like sisters. I watched her go through broken relationship after broken relationship, and it broke my heart every time. I'd spend hours on the phone comforting her, lifting her spirits, just being a really great friend. And for her part, she's been there for me whenever I needed her, we were both present for the births of her son and my daughter and are like favorite Aunties to each of children. She is the one person I love most in this world except my husband. She's beautiful, giving, capable of love in a really deep and abiding way, often giving so much of herself that she has nothing left leaving herself open for the guys in her past to hurt her. She had her son 18 months ago and her relationship completely dissolved when her son was 6 months old and she moved back in with her mom. Since then she's been trying to rebuild, but miserable with being alone.

About a year ago my husband started expressing that he was sexually turned on by the idea of watching my have other lovers, swinging, etc. So we started playing with that idea in our intimate times, and eventually placed ads on various websites looking for other swinging couples. We dated a few times and it was fun, but it never really went anywhere, mostly for lack of interest. Personally I always felt that I would want a friendship before I could jump in the sack with someone, so while I was open to the idea, the idea of casual sex didn't really appeal to me. During this time I also realized that I was totally okay with the idea of my husband having sex with others, and more than that, it turned me on.

During this time of experimentation with the idea of swinging my best friend would come over to babysit so we could go on dates, and we came out to her that we were looking into the swinging lifestyle and she was in full support. She's always admired how good our relationship was and was happy that we were having more fun than ever before.

She didn't know it but for a long time my husband and I would fantasize about bring her into our bed. I loved the idea because she is very attractive and I would love for my husband to be pleasured by her and to give her pleasure. Every now and then he'd drop a little hint to her that he was interested in her, but ever so mild. I was always too embarrassed and shy to come right out and say anything, but I'd hint that I'd one day like another wife. She would always back off and send him signals that she was definitely not interested so we just backed off and stopped really saying anything. I figured we were making her uncomfortable and we didn't want to ruin our friendship.

Lately, we've been hinting around that we have extra bedrooms in our home, and a ton of work to do with our business and that if she wanted she could think about moving in and working for us, she was totally excited about that idea.

So last week we were hanging out just her and I, and she was wearing this black dress that shows off her amazingly beautiful cleavage, and I commented that my DH loved that dress on her. She was happy to hear me give that compliment and I could tell it didn't creep her out so I stuffed down my shyness and went a step further and just came out and told her that I was fully willing to share my husband with her. That I knew she was in desperate need of physical attention (she has a very high sex drive and had been going back to her ex for sex, which complicated their relationship. But had cut him off and had been without sex for a long time) and I was totally fine with them having a sexual relationship. We hang out almost every night as it is, and it felt totally natural to me that they'd take it a step further. She was surprised to hear me say this but I could tell from her body language that she wasn't creeped out or offended. More like she couldn't quite believe what I was saying. We had a lovely night together as usual and she went home. After she left I told my DH about the conversation I had with her. The next day I suggested they go for a drive and talk about it together.

Basically she expressed that she was potentially interested in the idea, but had concerns that I wasn't actually serious or that I would be hurt and jealous. She admitted that she had actually been sexually attracted to my DH but was never willing to put our friendship in jeopardy, and that when my DH would drop hints, she thought he was just being flirty and would never dream of taking him up on it. She didn't realize that I was the one encouraging my husband to flirt with her. I had another conversation with her the next day saying in more clear terms, that I wanted her in our family if she'd consider it, but that even if she just had sex with my husband to get her through this rough patch until she met a good guy that I'd be fine with that too, but that I genuinely wanted her in our family for good. She started crying for joy, telling me that it had been a secret wish of hers to be in our family, that she had wanted it for a long time but was more willing to stay silent so as not to ruin our friendship.

At this point I am on top of the world, a long time dream of mine is coming true and I could not be happier about it. So I arranged for my husband to have to be "Out of Town" for the night while her mother was away on business so that they could have alone time together. I was hoping they would be able to have some intimate moments or at least just time to talk alone and figure out their feelings. I was secretly hoping that they would have sex, but well... I wasn't in the position to force I just told her again that I was okay with it (she really did need me to tell her like a million times yes)

My husband came home from being with her and couldn't wait to share with me the details of their time together. It was a very emotional experience for the both of them, they made love together ( I do mean love not just sex) He was just so full of that after sex buzz, in addition to being with someone new for the first time in a decade, he was just full of happiness and joy. And for me just the thought of those two making love gave me so much happiness and excitement that I was literally shaking from the happiness. I mean over the years I've watched her go through bad relationships, but I would always be so genuinely happy for her when she started a new relationship, I'd be so hopeful for her, but a part of me would worry about how things would turn out. And I'd feel the pain of her breakups and THIS time I knew things would be different. My husband is such an honorable man, he is so respectful to me and would never do anything to break my trust. He's a wonderful dad and a hard worker. Sure he has his faults, nobody is perfect, but I'm so happy that I can share his wonderful nature with someone like my best friend who is capable of so much love, and she is so beautiful that she is like a jewel on his arm.

Things are moving very quickly, having been each others best friends for 8 years gives us a comfort level with each other like I've never had, but there is so much NRE that the love in the air is thick. Our kids, without even knowing about the new relationship have started asking when she will move in with us. They want her here too, she is like a second mama to them. We are waiting on my dad to move out in a week and then we'll set up a bedroom for her. She will need to move out of her mom's house gradually while we renovate some of our bathroom and a bedroom so her son can have his own room, but in the meantime once my dad leaves she will be sleeping at our home. Luckily we have a house that was once actually two houses and is now connected on the second floor with a hallway that has a locking door. I can set up a baby monitor so I can handle the kids at night so my BF and DH can sleep together undisturbed. We will come out to the kids (my 10 yr old first, the others can just figure it out they are 4 and 18 months) at a later date, but for now things are well on their way.

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