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Originally Posted by barefootedenjane View Post
hey! thanks for everyone's input! does anyone have anything to say about child care in a polyamorous household? how does it typically work?
I don't know that there is a "typical" arrangement - it seems to depend on the poly tangle. (We don't have kids.) Some seem to more strictly define the role of parents vs. other adults but swap babysitting and "special activity" duties. Others seem to have "all adults co-parent all kids" arrangements - which would require a great deal of agreement as to parenting styles, I would think. Incidentally you see all kinds of arrangements of co-parenting in the "monoworld" as well. For instance, kids whose parents have divorced and remarried and have kids from each relationship - wthe rules are different at different houses and compromises have to be reached.

In my flexible pod complex above I imagine that either - 1.) families with kids (whether poly or not) might elect to occupy a megapod together and dedicate one mini pod to be the kids pod, with bunkrooms and play area and adults could rotate kid-watching duties / cleaning duties / cooking duties. OR 2.) the whole complex could have a co-op daycare on the main floor of the complex - outside childcare could be hired or some residents might want to run it as a business and allow non-resident's to place kids there for a higher fee.

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