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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
LoL... I'm too introverted for any of this :P All these shared living spaces make me queazy. My own bedroom would not be adequate "personal space" for me. My bed is for sleeping and lovemaking. When we play roughly, we get out of the bedroom. I need that space to be quiet and calm, and only used for peaceful activities. There is no TV in my room. But I like to watch TV, and I like to be the boss of the remote. That would be difficult in such a shared arrangement.

So whatever you decide, make sure it's suitable for introverts like me... Don't force us to share our space!
I'm so introverted that I hate having neighbors whose houses I can SEE - but for some reason I can handle having these boys in my very small house, since I can always go to MY space in the house and they know how to leave me alone. I moved to the country to get rid of even having neighbors - but OP specified an urban housing situation.

In my "flexible pod model above I see two options for one such as yourself. You could rent an entire "mini-pod" for yourself - central room + 3 "basic units" that could be used for whatever purposes (you could put a kitchenette in one so you wouldn't have to share the big one). OR if you had two complexes back to back - the bedroom that butted up to the other complex could "steal" a basic unit from the mirror mini-pod and have a "double basic unit" for one person (bedroom and sitting room). Just because a shared space is available doesn't mean you have to utilize it.

If I was forced to live in multifamily housing like this then I could see the three of us having one minipod to ourselves. One basic unit being the main bedroom with a king-size bed, one basic unit being Dude's alternative bedroom (he sleeps on the couch some nights now because MrS snores) or guest room if someone has another lover over. The third "basic unit" would be my study and the central room our living/TV room. The boys could utilize the shared kitchen if they wanted, I would probably eat in the cafeteria with a good book at a table by myself if they weren't cooking.

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