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To our friends; Me and the wife are very open with how we operate, everyone who knows us knows how we have additional relationships which is nice because when one of us ends up with an additional partner they usually have a much easier time integrating into our social circles as the behaviour and relationship model is long since known and accepted.

Actually with the mention about "couple privileges" and "openness" and such;
Part of the reason that we are as open as we are with our social circles is specifically so that anyone we get involved with outside of each other isn't made to feel like a dirty-little-secret/shameful-something-on-the-side/etc. Frankly I think it would be horrible if I couldn't walk down the street in public holding my girlfriend's hand. In my mind not being able to openly celebrate or address a bond with someone would be lending a tone of invalidation the relationship.

Our families are aware as well, and accepting of it but for the most part prefer if we're not exceedingly overt around the elder members of the family (most of them anyway, I've got a great-aunt in her 80's who's curiously . . . . . . well versed . . . . . on some of the ins and outs of multiple partner relationships, and rather joyful to meet any ladies either of us get involved with ) Of course this is also the way my wifes family treats wifes bisexuality. Which is to say they recognise it, but don't really approach the subject in detail.

At work several of my co-workers who've know me and/or my wife for years know we're poly and what that involves, but for the most part its not mentioned around the office and management isn't privy to that information.
Not that it could have a negative impact on me professionally, but because I keep most details of my life outside of the job on a need-to-know basis, and for the most part my employer does not need to know more than the most scant details about how I live outside of the work day.
I don't see it as being any of their business really.
(In fact as far as the job goes, I'd be more comfortable and likely opening up with being poly than say, my religious beliefs and practices or my social politics)
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