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So, an absence of rules specifying that you respect your partner and treat them well implies that it's ok to disrespect your partner and treat them poorly?

And, having rules specifying that your partner treat you well and respect you is supposed to PREVENT them from disrespecting you and treating you poorly?

I think this is how Autumnal Tone is saying such rules do not make sense.

If someone respects their partner(s), they can communicate about these matters AS NECESSARY and don't need to make "rules" about it. If someone disrespects you or treats you poorly, or responds poorly to your own efforts at being yourself and being honest, it is foolish and immature to project those issues onto other/future relationships.

My opinion is that all too often, people try to be in relationships with individuals with whom they are fundamentally incompatible. No amount of well-thought-out "rules" can compensate for that.
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