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Default Confused and very scared

Hi I'm very new to this. I've been with this guy for almost 10 months. He just recently (2 months) moved to a different state and about a month and a half ago when i went to visit told me he was poly. he had mentioned it before but since I'm monogamous I never thought he would think I would like an open relationship. The point is he recently came to visit and told me he had been with two girls. He told them all about me and how I'm the one for him and the one he will marry. I love him and if accepting this lifestyle is what it takes to be with him so be it. But I felt like there was something wrong with me like I'm not enough and that's why he went to others. He assures me he loves me and would be heartbroken if we were to break up.

My question is: Am I wrong for feeling like this? Should I accept this and believe that he loves me and I'm the one? Please help, I'm desperate.
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