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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I'm flabbergasted that anybody would think something like that is necessary. Anybody who isn't automatically honest and communicative and respectful of others simply isn't ready for a serious relationship of any sort. I wouldn't think of offering that sort of basic emotional maturity up as a ruleset, though I suspect it would work well as a guage of how ready a new partner is for a serious relationship. Somebody who is *not* honest and communicative and respectful and so on isn't somebody with whom I'll stay involved.

It's not a bad idea to state these things openly. It might see obvious to you, as it does to me too, but not everyone is on the same page in their ability to manage relationships, or has good communication skills yet, or even accepted the idea that, yes, one should be open, respectful, and honest to partners. And, yeah, maybe those folks are not ready for relationships. But maybe guidelines like these are a good first step, a reminder of how best to proceed.
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