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Thanks, MeeraReed, for your thoughts on going outside the dating comfort zone. My partner insists that he'd like me to date others, but I do doubt my own capacity to be emotionally/romantically attached to someone else without diminishing my love for him. For my entire dating life, I've loved one guy at a time, with long celibate stretches in between relationships, and beginning to desire a new man was always the signal to me that I no longer loved the previous partner. I worry that I would have to withdraw some of what I feel for my boyfriend in order to give it to someone else... and I also worry that at some point the balance could tip and I would want to be with the new person instead of (rather than in addition to) my boyfriend. Of course, finding out otherwise -- that I can date others without rejecting my boyfriend -- would be a game-changer not just for my own relationship options but also in comprehending how my poly partner's mind works.
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