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Originally Posted by LostInLove4 View Post
I found out immediately why our other talks were so one sided and difficult. This time my eyes were dry and my voice was steady. When I am visibly emotional and weepy, Leaf gets scared and shuts up. He doesn't say a word for fear that he will make me feel worse. This time he was open and talkative.
Oh! This is such useful information to have! Good for you. I think most men feel like a woman's tears means they are expected to run and do something to fix it. And if they don't know what to do or feel like that is too much of a burden, they close up shop. It is very valuable for women to be able to speak up without letting the tears take over. We can go and cry in the shower or on the shoulder of a friend who doesn't mind the tears, but when we are trying to stand up for ourselves, crying muddies the message. Reading your words was a good reminder for me - thank you.
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