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Default Not sure if this is the place or not.....

So, my lady's 16 year old son was just diagnosed with a lymphoma cancer. She is falling apart, I am not sure if I can help her, since I just watched my mom die of lymphoma this last spring. It seems every time I try and be supportive, I make her cry.

She believes counseling is a waste of time.

HOW can anyone believe that a god is all loving and kind, then put cancer in a 16 year old boy... Let alone adults.... This all just confirms my thoughts on Christianity and organized religion as a whole...

I guess I needed a place to just say something. This was the place I came to, first. I want to scream curses at any and all entities that may be involved. I want to know WHY! I want to know what that young man did to deserve this???? I want answers to why I have had to watch not only my mom die of this horrible disease this last spring, but my dad waste away in front of my eyes almost 20 years ago. And now, I have to watch this young man fight for his very life, before he even gets to go to a Prom. I know life is not fair.. but hell, this kid has not even experienced life yet!!!!
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