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I have my ears pierced to 0 gauge currently. They've been that way for a few years and I've recently been getting the itch to go a little bigger.

I have one tattoo. It's in my avatar and was done by my friend Artie in my bedroom. He was just out of rehab and on parole and was working on a scrapbook so he could get some work as he had just bought a tattoo gun.

Anyhow, it says "Chaos is Me" which is 1. a reference to a song by the band Orchid. Underneath is a start with an infinity symbol through it. Basicaly what it means to me is... Chaos is dynamic, ever changing, shrinking, growing, etc. I should always be like this, learning, growing, changing, reverting, etc. The star and infinity are a reminder of that and a reference to the saying "through chaos, brilliant stars are born."

I'm a pretty mathematical dude, so it is also a reminder to me to let go.
"You can't make a giant just by stretching out a dwarf. One person's beauty mark is another person's wart."
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