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Earlier this year, my secondary (though we don't use those terms), Wendigo, felt that he and I needed to take a break from our relationship out of the blue. At the time, he wasn't sure if it would be temporary or permanent. He was afraid he was neglecting his friendship with my husband, Runic Wolf. Wendigo is my best friend as well as Runic Wolf's and it was a shockinly painful was to end a triple date with my guys. I took a night to process, cried because my heart hurt and told him that I wasn't ready for us to be over. After a couple of weeks of him sorting his head out, letting go of his guilt, and spending time with Runic Wolf, he came back to me and pulled me into his lap and apologized in words and actions. Neither of us wants to let the other go, though we have always known that it won't last forever. We have agreed that we will always be friends and now that they work together and carpool, I am confident that their friendship is back on track.

As for what I do to cope? I focus on the here and now. I try not to plan too far ahead so that I am not disappointed. And I love with all my heart.
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