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Originally Posted by lovely View Post
You're right about not discounting any pain they may be feeling still. Thanks for the reminder. I think I have tunnel vision right now and my feeling are so close to the surface and if I don't have any visible signs from anyone else I assume I am alone.

I also see the value in the compartments currently, in fact it feels necessary. I am not sure I could currently handle any real integrated scenario.
Wow. I am amazed with you and so humbled.

This statement blows me away so much because it show exactly the emotional integrity that I personally respect and appreciate. Not to mention STRIVE for on a daily basis!

You are so in touch with your feelings, honour your husbands and the woman he is in love with and honour the delicate nature of the whole situation. Your respect for them is incredible! Yet you don't belittle your own feelings/needs and need to have them. You seem to have a plan on how to handle what will come up and what is going on now emotionally. There are also tones of what could come up in the future that you have considered but acknowledge that you aren't there yet. It sounds like you have a good self esteem and feelings of self worth.

I don't know you, but my heart is swollen with admiration! Your unique ability to achieve such emotional integrity and share it so eloquently with us is much appreciated (no smiley fits that!)

Your man is very lucky to have you. I hope he realizes that. If not, you tell him I said so
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