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Thank you for the quick response and moving it to the blog area. I appreciate it.

I realize the post in question does not break actual forum rules, but I still would like to ask it to be removed or at least edited to "Post deleted. Too much personal information."

I made a mistake in judgement. I am worried about my personal safety.

I am in the middle of a divorce/custody case. I realize the risk is low since I do not use my real name here ... but if you actually read the list, it states the abuses I endure at my soon-to-be ex husband's hands. I do not want him or his lawyer to find it and use it against me in court.

The leaving time is the dangerous time for abused women. I am worried it will harm my safety plan for leaving the abuse should he find it.

Would you please reconsider removal? Not for forum rule breaking, but to aid me in my personal safety? And in my emotional safety?

Thank you for your consideration.
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