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I guess I shouldn't say I would never accept it; just not now. I spent the entirety of 2011 trying to reel her in from bad influence new friends and a nasty habit of not coming home at night. I don't trust her enough to let her do something like this. I told her that years (probably) down the line it may be feasible, but our relationship is not a canoe on calm waters; it's a wayward speedboat careening towards a waterfall at the moment, and anymore deviation or loss of control would be catastrophic.

I've begun reading all the articles and trying to flesh out an understanding.

She was in a relationship with a woman for 8 months or so while I worked out of state. She said it's the happiest she's ever been in a relationship and wants that back. I just see my self esteem issues and anger/jealousy being a really bad fit for any type of poly relationship.

I can't deny my own inhibitions and the fact that it was I who initiated the hall pass suggestion, but holy can of worms, Batman!
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