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Originally Posted by Vicki82 View Post
.. we're still happily in love. Probably more so now than we were then.
Second that!

I thought that when MrS and I got married I loved him as much as I am capable of loving another person (although it took me 18 months into our "relationship" before I could even admit that I loved him) ...and I just keep loving him deeper and broader each year we are together. It just seems like as we grow to know each other more and more (there is a line from the Heinlein novel The Number of the Beast that reads: "We always marry strangers.") we become better able to BE the person that best complements the other; for example, he knows when I need something - quiet alone time, food (and what type), hugs, laughter, something old and comfortable (movie, book, music), something new and exciting, etc. even before I realize it myself.

There was a period of time when I was lost in NRE with Dude that I felt that "connection" waver (I think because I was not my usual self, so I wasn't giving him my usual cues). It was such a relief when the NRE wore off (at about 8 months, which is about the time that I could admit that I loved Dude too!) and our "connection" rushed back, to where he could seriously "read my mind" again (Dude is learning to do this as well, although I do occasionally have to remind myself that he doesn't have the years of practice that MrS does...and that we are "ahead of the curve" compared to where I was the first time around.)

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