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Default Any advice welcome.

I am in an interesting situation. My partner and I have been together for many years. She is bi, but with a slight leaning towards men (very slight). I am... well barely Bi. I have not actually found myself sexually attracted to a man, but I would not be against the idea. I am accepting of her, should she choose to have different partners, as long as she is open and honest about everything that happens. Only recently has she actually taken me up on this. She is not alright with me having other partners. I have had a bad history of infidelity and she and I are trying to make our relationship work in spite of this. What this means though, is that she is afraid of me drifting away from her, of losing me to another woman. Here's where things get interesting. She wants to have two partners, something I think is referred to as a V-type relationship? With her in the middle. And she would be alright with me having feelings for the other man... but I don't know that that will happen. My whole thing is... I would love to love everyone. I am unsure as to the word necessary here, but I would be fine with my love at home and various flings outside of it. But wanting a long lasting relationship with two men... I don't know if I can be happy there. But I want her to be happy. And she is willing to forgo the whole thing if it bothers me... I worry that I am not right for her.
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