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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
So, has he moved out again or are you still dealing with this bullshit under your own roof? You said a little while ago that he was coming back from work to pack up his belongings. Is that a thing, or was it just talk?

The fact is, reading your installments usually gives me a headache, but i find it irresistible like a soap-opera where it leaves the viewer hanging on a Friday and has to see one more episode just to see what happens next, only to get sucked in to the next story-line. If I did not know better, I'd think you were writing a novel instead of a biography. It is very much like a novel, except one where the reader gets to interact with the author as the story is being written.

I do wonder how much longer you intend to put up with this. Indefinitely?

That is all, for now.
Boring-can I quote that in my personal blog (about the soap opera novel)?
He is still living there. He came back with the 'I promised I wouldn't walk out again'.
I don't know how people can keep reading it. I find it exhausting. I have considered leaving. There's a lot I could say on that, but not yet. I'm in school after 15 years as a sahm. We'll see.
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